Stand out from the competition using the science of search and native search engine software.


These 2018 software solutions achieve search engine optimization ranking excellence.


Finally, there is a product to streamline technical SEO. 

For 99% of websites on the Internet, Google is the only machine doing the learning. With Huckabuy, now you can talk to Google as effectively as you talk to your customers. This is done through a language called Structured Data Markup. Structured Data encompasses many things you may have heard of before if you’re serious about SEO, including: SCHEMA tags, microdata, and rich snippets on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

Huckabuy automates Structured Data Markup, allowing searching engines to understand your website much more than they ever have before. The more they understand, the greater your search exposure.



A comprehensive solution to optimize every page of your website. 

We created SEO Cloud to solve all of our customers’ SEO needs with one offering. SEO Cloud includes all the benefits of our Structured Data product, plus new innovative features that help Google crawl your website even faster and more effectively. 

SEO Cloud includes automated creation of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and a proprietary solution that creates similar desktop pages, which are streamlined to load lightning fast because they are pre-cached in Google’s index. This makes both bots and humans very happy when they search for, and find, your content.


Structured data is a machine-to-machine language that lets websites talk authoritatively to search engines. Instead of having to rely on crawling complex HTML, JavaScript, and other web languages, you can now simply talk directly to them.

Huckabuy’s SEO Cloud creates “Google’s perfect world” on your website. This includes flat HTML, structured data, and super fast page speed for both desktop and mobile (AMP). Bots can get everything they want, quickly and efficiently. This is a cutting-edge product developed by only Huckabuy.
A: We’re able to deliver our solutions through a software integration, rather than a services-based SEO project like you may engage an agency for. Our tools are automated, and only require one-time installation that’s similar to installing a Google Analytics tag.
A: Our code will not interfere with any of your current digital efforts. We’ve passed code reviews at Fortune 500 companies like Salesforce and SAP, so you can be confident that our products are 100% safe.

See what Huckabuy can do for your business.

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