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Huckabuy customers experience exponential organic search channel growth

ROI for the Average Huckabuy Customer after 12 months

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91% increase
in ranking organic keywords

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101% increase
in organic impressions

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62% increase
in organic clicks

SEO Case Study Examples

Case Study: 360 Blue

“Huckabuy transformed organic search into our highest revenue-generating channel.” 

– Tyler Weir, Chief Marketing Officer at 360 Blue

360 Blue Logo

Challenge: Optimizing for Google

360 Blue is a luxury vacation rental and property management firm based in the Florida panhandle. Like others in this industry, their target demographic utilizes search engines for purchasing decisions. However, with such a large inventory of vacation rental homes, Search Bots found it difficult to understand their website content. Consequently, they were losing visibility in organic search results and business to their competitors

Solution: Huckabuy Software and Services

Huckabuy introduced 360 Blue to the value of authoritatively communicating with Search Bots for organic search channel growth. By initially focusing on adding world-class structured data markup to their website, Search Bots would have relevant information to better understand the site’s content. Pairing structured data with traditional SEO services qualified the business for higher rankings, more visibility, and stronger engagement in organic search results.

Results: Increased Revenue from Organic Search

360 Blue added Huckabuy’s structured data software in August 2017. Through this dynamic markup, Search Bots were immediately able to understand their website content. As a result, their business experienced a 211% increase in ranking keywords, a 195% increase in impressions, and a 196% increase in clicks. Since partnering with Huckabuy, 360 Blue has improved its organic search channel revenue by 100%. 

Organic Search Conversion Funnel:
August 2017 - April 2019

  • Exposure - 211% Increase in Ranking Keywords
  • Discovery - 195% Increase in Organic Impressions
  • Consideration - 196% Increase in Clicks
  • Conversion - 100% Increase in Organic Search Revenue

Case Study: Risk Strategies

“Huckabuy made quickly improving organic search results simple.” 

– Ed Marshall, Director of Marketing and Communications at Risk Strategies

Risk Strategies Banner Image

Challenge: Brand Awareness and Unification

Risk Strategies is an insurance brokerage and risk management consulting firm. They operate in a competitive SEO space occupied by well-established brands like Aon and Hub International. Their strategy in organic search was to drive additional traffic to their site and Knowledge Center content, which help customers make purchasing decisions. The Marketing team wanted to leverage SEO best practices for this objective, however, they lacked the time and in-house resources to implement and manage overly technical solutions.

Solution: Huckabuy Software and Services

Risk Strategies’ competitive advantage is expertise. Its robust Knowledge Center showcases industry-specific content about insurance and risk management issues. By implementing automated structured data software on the Knowledge Center, Risk Strategies increased keyword associations and rankings for their content within months. The Huckabuy SEO Specialist team also made recommendations to optimize primary and tertiary pages that highlight additional products and services. With these changes, search engines were able to connect the dots between various divisions of the business and increase their visibility for Knowledge Center content in relevant search queries.

Result: Increased Organic Search Engagement

Risk Strategies implemented Huckabuy’s automated structured data software in February 2018. Over the next 15 months, organic ranking keywords increased by 332%, organic impressions increased by 2080%, and organic clicks increased by 4690%. From a site user perspective, there was a 60% increase in users, a 61% increase in new users, and a 47% increase in sessions.

Organic Search Conversion Funnel:
February 2018 - May 2019

  • Exposure - 332% Increase in Ranking Keywords
  • Discovery - 2080% Increase in Organic Impressions
  • Consideration - 196% Increase in Organic Clicks
  • Conversion - 60% Increase in Users

Case Study: The Ocean Foundation

“Huckabuy’s pro-bono service created an organic search channel that attracted new donors and raised more donations for ocean conservation.”

– Jarrod Curry, Senior Marketing Manager at The Ocean Foundation

Challenge: Establishing an Organic Search Channel

The Ocean Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world. Competing against nonprofits with strong brand recognition for organic search visibility proved to be a daunting challenge. In addition, they were ranking for suboptimal keywords driving non-donor traffic, such as student researchers to the website, to the website. Their marketing team was looking for a solution to grow the channel and increase discoverability among potential donors, but lacked additional resources to do SEO in-house.

Solution: Huckabuy Software and Services

Huckabuy created a competitive advantage in the
organic search channel for the Ocean Foundation. Its
automated structured data software enabled new
keyword associations connected to their initiatives and
subsequently improved rankings. Additionally, the
customer success team made recommendations that
optimized landing pages to funnel more donors to the
website and increase contributions.

Results: Increased Engagement and Goal Completions

The Ocean Foundation implemented Huckabuy
software in April 2019. In just two months, organic
ranking keywords increased by 75%, organic impressions
increased by 1632%, and organic clicks increased by 802%.
Through the organic search channel during the
partnership period, there was a 36% increase in
completions for the core donate goal compared to the
previous period.

Organic Search Conversion Funnel:
April 2019 - May 2019

  • Exposure - 75% Increase in Ranking Keywords
  • Discovery - 1632% Increase in Organic Impressions
  • Consideration - 802% Increase in Organic Clicks
  • Conversion - 36% Increase in Goal Completions

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