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Performance-Based Software Solutions Aligned With Google

At Huckabuy, we are constantly monitoring the Google landscape to create performance-based software solutions that deliver “Google’s Perfect World”. In this world, websites are built in flat html, contain world-class structured data markup, and have fast page speed. As Google was announcing their support for solutions to improve communication between websites and search engines through initiatives such as structured data and dynamic rendering, Huckabuy was there to make it a reality. We stay on top of this landscape so you don’t have to.

Huckabuy SEO Products

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Automated Structured Data

In 2015, the major search engines created an open-source movement called to provide the shared vocabularies to implement structured data markup. Structured data allows websites to authoritatively communicate with search engines in order to make them easier to understand. Huckabuy’s structured data software makes deploying structured data on your site easy via the JSON-LD format so you can take advantage of the benefits this markup has to offer.

Huckabuy SEO Cloud

SEO Cloud

In 2018, Google announced its support for dynamic rendering for websites with changing content and Javascript features not supported by crawlers. Dynamic rendering allows businesses to serve a client-side site for users and an alternative pre-rendered sites for crawlers. Huckabuy’s SEO Cloud was designed to take advantage of this initiative. We translate your site into flat HTML, add structured data markup, and host it in a caching layer so Google can have the ultimate crawling experience.

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