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At Huckabuy, we are constantly monitoring the SEO landscape to create performance-based SEO software solutions that deliver “Google’s Perfect World.” In this world, websites are built in flat HTML, contain world-class structured data markup, and have fast page speed. The more Google understands your website, the more search exposure and qualified organic search traffic you receive. It’s that simple.

Huckabuy’s SEO Software loads your website faster, improves search results, and increases organic traffic. Book a free Opportunity Analysis today!

Product Philosophy

Every software product and service we create is designed with the optimal Search Bot experience in mind.

  • The Search Bot is the most important visitor to your website. It is the gatekeeper between your content and your target audience in the search results. 
  • User experience is irrelevant if Google is incapable of properly crawling and indexing your content. If Google can’t understand your site, then all the best content marketing can’t help you. 
  • Optimize for the Search Bot. The more they understand about your site, the better your search exposure.

My goal and the purpose of our company is to look at these macro trends and build products that solve the future of where they’re going.

Geoff Atkinson, Founder-CEO of Huckabuy

What is performance-based SEO?

It’s SEO that increases rankings, traffic, and most importantly, qualified customers that are going to convert into revenue. Performance-based SEO stands in contrast with tools and services that are simply giving you feedback on various metrics and not driving actual growth. 

Huckabuy is a technical software solution. Think of us as the company that really handles the technical conversation between your site and Google.

We do more than reports

When you strip everything away, most SEO platforms and software products can only offer you reports. At Huckabuy, we have the technical chops to actually move the needle. We don’t just paint a picture for you — we deliver the software that Google has explicitly endorsed for SEO. 

The SEO industry is almost entirely services driven. There’s a lot of agencies and consultants that are giving advice, but they can’t fix the ultimate technical problems. All of our software is built to help customers grow. We are making fundamental changes that drive true performance.

Huckabuy Founder-CEO Geoff Atkinson

Huckabuy SEO Software Products

As Google was announcing their support for solutions to improve communication between websites and search engines through initiatives such as structured data and dynamic rendering, Huckabuy was there to make it a reality. No one else in the industry offers this combination of software products and services fully aligned with Google’s most important technical SEO initiatives. We stay on top of this landscape so you don’t have to.

Automated Structured Data

  • Authoritative communication with Search Bots so they understand your website
  • Qualification for rich results so you stand out in organic search
  • Fully automated software service with easy installation and no maintenance

Learn more about our structured data service.

SEO Cloud

  • Maintain a version of your website optimized for Search Bots
  • Maintain a version of your website optimized for the user experience
  • Installation is as easy as changing your DNS
  • Index more of your content marketing efforts

Learn more about our SEO Cloud service.

Huckabuy Can Help Companies Of All Sizes In Any Industry

Search is a zero-sum game. Moving up the rankings requires displacing your competitors.  Our software products and services will give you a decisive edge on the competition, no matter who you’re up against. Our target customer is anybody that’s interested in increasing their organic search traffic. Our customers range from SaaS to e-commerce, travel, insurance, and nonprofits. Most websites aren’t fully optimized today for a search engine to come and understand them — we solve that communication problem.

ROI for the Average Huckabuy Customer after 12 months

Huckabuy customers experience exponential organic search channel growth

  • 84% increase in ranking organic keywords
  • 101% increase in organic impressions
  • 62% increase in organic clicks

SEO Case Study Examples

Case Study: Bolt Insurance

“By optimizing our website for the perfect crawling experience, we were already able to grow our organic channel by nearly 20% in just 3 months.” 

– Gregg Rennie, Distribution Strategic Initiative Director

Challenge: Scaling The Organic Search Channel

Bolt Insurance is an auto, home, and business insurance agency. They battle the likes of Geico and Progressive who annually spend upwards of $900M in the paid channel, dwarfing Bolt’s $150K annual budget. Bolt’s marketing team looked elsewhere for a scalable channel and noticed white space in an under-leveraged channel by the rest of the industry: organic search. By optimizing their website for Search Bots, Bolt could receive more attention for industry-specific queries and sustainably grow the channel.

Solution: Implementing Huckabuy’s SEO Cloud Service

Bolt did not have the capacity to out-produce the rest of the industry on content. They needed to be creative and approach this channel from a technical perspective. By implementing Huckabuy’s SEO Cloud service, Bolt was able to create a version of their website for Google’s Search Bots. This version allowed Bots to retrieve everything they needed from each page faster than ever before. Their jobs weren’t delayed by complicated coding languages or content they couldn’t understand. In addition, Bolt followed recommendations from Huckabuy’s SEO Analyst to format their page copy for applicable rich results that would enhance search appearance and improve click-throughs to their website.

Results: Optimized Crawl Experience, Organic Channel Growth

Bolt implemented Huckabuy’s SEO Cloud service in late October 2019. In the following 3 months, the number of pages crawled and the amount of data downloaded per day increased, while the overall time needed to crawl the website decreased. By making it easy for Search Bots to crawl and understand the content on their website, Bolt grew their organic channel significantly. For example, they saw significant increases in essential organic performance metrics like ranking keywords, impressions, clicks, and monthly traffic. And they qualified for a variety of rich results on target queries like “buy mobile insurance online” to truly stand out in the most industry-relevant SERPs.

Case Study: 360 Blue

“Huckabuy transformed organic search into our highest revenue-generating channel.” 

– Tyler Weir, Chief Marketing Officer at 360 Blue

Challenge: Optimizing for Google

360 Blue is a luxury vacation rental and property management firm based in the Florida panhandle. Like others in this industry, their target demographic utilizes search engines for purchasing decisions. However, with such a large inventory of vacation rental homes, Search Bots found it difficult to understand their website content. Consequently, they were losing visibility in organic search results and business to their competitors.

Solution: Huckabuy Software and Services

Huckabuy introduced 360 Blue to the value of authoritatively communicating with Search Bots for organic search channel growth. By initially focusing on adding world-class structured data markup to their website, Search Bots would have relevant information to better understand the site’s content. Pairing structured data with traditional SEO services qualified the business for higher rankings, more visibility, and stronger engagement in organic search results.

Results: Increased Revenue from Organic Search

360 Blue added Huckabuy’s structured data software in August 2017. Through this dynamic markup, Search Bots were immediately able to understand their website content. As a result, their business experienced a 211% increase in ranking keywords, a 195% increase in impressions, and a 196% increase in clicks. Since partnering with Huckabuy, 360 Blue has improved its organic search channel revenue by 100%. 

Case Study: Silvercar

“We used to contract these services to SEO agencies. No more. Huckabuy software exceeded our expectations growing organic search channel revenue.”

– Melinda Hanna, Ecommerce Marketing Manager

Challenge: Growing the Organic Search Channel

Silvercar is an Audi premium rental car service competing with big players like Avis, Expedia, and Turo. Their target demographic is travelers seeking a unique luxury rental experience and their peak season runs from May to September. In 2018, they re-platformed their website to WordPress, launched in 9 new cities, and added new models to the fleet. During this time, the Silvercar Marketing team was actively exploring new strategies to leverage the organic search channel for business growth and competitive advantage. They had previously contracted with an agency for SEO, but results were stagnating.

Solution: Huckabuy Software and Services

Silvercar implemented Huckabuy structured data paired with a content strategy to target location-specific organic keywords in new cities. With this combination, Google was able to associate relevant keywords with the designated location pages and connect highly qualified customers based on their intent through organic search.

Result: Increase Traffic Quality, Transactions, and Revenue

Silvercar went live with structured data in February 2019 and experienced significant organic search channel growth over the subsequent 4 months. An increase in location-specific keywords raised their exposure on the first page of relevant SERPs. This helped them reach people in new cities searching for their topics and led to more qualified users visiting, spending more time, and ultimately transacting on their website. Altogether, it had a dramatic effect on website traffic and the bottom line. In July 2019 for their location pages, Silvercar reported a 163% increase in new users, a 152% increase in sessions, a 74% decrease in bounces, and a 222% increase in revenue.

Case Study: Risk Strategies

“Huckabuy made quickly improving organic search results simple.” 

– Ed Marshall, Director of Marketing and Communications at Risk Strategies

Challenge: Brand Awareness and Unification

Risk Strategies is an insurance brokerage and risk management consulting firm. They operate in a competitive SEO space occupied by well-established brands like Aon and Hub International. Their strategy in organic search was to drive additional traffic to their site and Knowledge Center content, which help customers make purchasing decisions. The Marketing team wanted to leverage SEO best practices for this objective, however, they lacked the time and in-house resources to implement and manage overly technical solutions.

Solution: Huckabuy Software and Services

Risk Strategies’ competitive advantage is expertise. Its robust Knowledge Center showcases industry-specific content about insurance and risk management issues. By implementing automated structured data software on the Knowledge Center, Risk Strategies increased keyword associations and rankings for their content within months. The Huckabuy SEO Specialist team also made recommendations to optimize primary and tertiary pages that highlight additional products and services. With these changes, search engines were able to connect the dots between various divisions of the business and increase their visibility for Knowledge Center content in relevant search queries.

Result: Increased Organic Search Engagement

Risk Strategies implemented Huckabuy’s automated structured data software in February 2018. Over the next 15 months, organic ranking keywords increased by 332%, organic impressions increased by 2080%, and organic clicks increased by 4690%. From a site user perspective, there was a 60% increase in users, a 61% increase in new users, and a 47% increase in sessions.

Case Study: The Ocean Foundation

“Huckabuy’s pro-bono service created an organic search channel that attracted new donors and raised more donations for ocean conservation.”

– Jarrod Curry, Senior Marketing Manager at The Ocean Foundation

Challenge: Establishing an Organic Search Channel

The Ocean Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world. Competing against nonprofits with strong brand recognition for organic search visibility proved to be a daunting challenge. In addition, they were ranking for suboptimal keywords, which was driving non-donor traffic such as student researchers to the website. Their marketing team was looking for a solution to grow the channel and increase discoverability among potential donors, but lacked additional resources to do SEO in-house.

Solution: Huckabuy Software and Services

Huckabuy created a competitive advantage in the organic search channel for the Ocean Foundation. Using automated structured data software enabled new keyword associations connected to the foundation’s initiatives and subsequently improved rankings. Additionally, the customer success team made recommendations that optimized landing pages to funnel more donors to the website and increase contributions.

Results: Increased Engagement and Goal Completions

The Ocean Foundation implemented Huckabuy software in April 2019. In just two months, organic ranking keywords increased by 75%, organic impressions increased by 1632%, and organic clicks increased by 802%. Through the organic search channel during the partnership period, there was a 36% increase in completions for the core donate goal compared to the previous period.

Podcast Talk: The Difference Between the Science and the Art of SEO

Geoff Atkinson was recently on the B2B Revenue Executive Experience podcast. In this excerpt, he clarifies the difference between the “art” and the “science” of SEO. You can read the full transcript or listen to the entire episode here.

“So the art of SEO is what I sort of think of when you talk to agencies. This industry is dominated by services, which is really strange, in my opinion, because it’s a technical problem. A lot of agencies and a lot of consultants are advising you to do certain things. And oftentimes, they’re advising you without really the facts at play. They’re advising based on what used to work or what worked for them in the past, with very little reliance on science. So the art of SEO would be like good content writing, trying to get things to go viral, to getting backlinks.

The science of SEO is the technical conversation that you have with Google, which we rely heavily on, we believe in the science of SEO. I think, you know, I have a bit of a track-record through my Overstock experience of actually having grown something really significantly, and knowing what it takes to do that. And it was really science-based. And I think there’s a little too much art in the SEO world, which is what creates a lot of people thinking that it’s a black box and it’s this really scary task. And there’s a lot of sort of bad connotations with SEO that I’ve come across. Anyways, everybody kind of was like, oh, man, I don’t want to work on that. But it’s really not that bad. If you lean on the science side, it exposes what’s true, what actually works. And it’s sort of refreshing because there are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there in the SEO world. And so when you talk the science and you actually show people what you’re going to do for them technically, and they understand the technical concepts, then it’s really I think, for a lot of our customers, it’s a relief because they can actually they get their hands around SEO and understand it and understand what they’re doing to make make it better for their company. 

So that’s what I mean by science. It’s really the technical conversation with Google. The art side, we definitely rely less on than your typical SEO approach. But I think that’s refreshing for our customers.”

Podcast Talk: The Power of Performance-Based SEO

Geoff was recently on the Digital Rage podcast where he discussed algorithm updates, structured data, and performance-based SEO. You can read the episode show notes here.

“One of the things I love the most about our direction is I think it’s really aligned with where Google’s going. Structured data is getting used more and more, it’s getting adopted more and more, almost every algorithm update over the last five years has somehow pushed structured data deeper and deeper into the algorithm. The same with mobile, right? Over the last 10 years, every algorithm update in some way, shape, or form is getting more mobile friendly. So those are kind of the two things that we focus on: mobile, which means page speed and being responsive, as well as the importance of really good structured data, and they’re changing it a lot. So we root for algorithm updates. 

You know, the industry can be very scared about algorithm updates. But I would say with every algorithm update, you know, some sites do worse and some sites actually do better. And we want to be on the side of the sites that do better during algorithm updates. And typically that’s the case because we’re aligned with what Google is looking for.

Our average customer growth is 62% in 12 months. I mean, some of the success stories are kind of incredible. Concur is a fantastic customer, kind of growing like crazy, but we work with companies of all sizes. We have some, you know, startups that know that SEO is their path to revenue, to medium sized businesses that want to really crank up their sales channel and online, you know, inbound leads via organic search all the way up to, you know, your Salesforce’s of the world. So it’s, it’s cool. 

The thing I’m most proud of is when I started this thing, I was like, there isn’t a ton of performance-based SEO software. The SEO space is mainly services-driven, there’s lot of agencies and a lot of consultants, and the software side of things is almost all analytical. There’s a lot of rank trackers and site crawlers and things like that. So to have something that you can actually turn live, and it’s gonna help the site drive growth, is a pretty rare thing and for that growth to be 62% is something that I’m really proud of, we love to see that happen for our customers.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO software?

  • Anything that helps you improve your search engine performance and/or track, monitor, organize, and analyze information about your search engine performance.

What does SEO software do?

  • SEO software is focused on a range of tasks, from keyword research, backlink monitoring, to entire website audits. Some SEO software is dedicated to a specific task, while others provide multiple tools under one dashboard. 

Do I need SEO software?

  • If you lack the resources to do comprehensive SEO in-house, SEO software is very helpful. Ask yourself: are you dedicated to building your organic search presence? Do you have an in-house SEO team with the knowledge and technical skills to complete various SEO tasks? Many times, you will need multiple software tools to accomplish everything you need.

Why is SEO software helpful?

  • SEO software tools can help you gain valuable insights into your competitor’s SEO, such as their backlink profile and new keyword opportunities. They help you identify areas of weakness on your own website, such as broken links, missing page titles/descriptions, and crawling/indexing errors. They help generate new content ideas to help improve your rankings for existing keywords and identify new high-volume, low competition keywords to go after. They help you track your SEO progress, including traffic, conversions, keyword rankings, domain authority, backlinks, and social media shares. They help you prove your value to customers looking to ensure a good ROI.

What are the different types of SEO software?

  • Keyword research tools
  • Content tools
  • Website audit tools
  • Link building/monitoring tools

Are there any free SEO software tools?

  • Google offers a host of free SEO software tools, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and various testing tools. Plenty of other SEO tools offer free trials, but you typically have to pay to get the full version of the software. Here is a great list of free SEO tools.