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The problem Huckabuy Cloud software solves

Front end website development is creating a better experience for the human visitor, at the expense of search engines.

Many websites are hard for Google to understand and crawl. As a result, they are not indexed properly and lose organic search traffic.

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Understanding Dynamic Rendering

It is one of the most important Google initiatives in the last decade.

  • Serve a version of your website optimized for Search Bots
  • Also serve a version of your website optimized for humans
  • Dynamic renderer serves a version based on what calls it
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How Huckabuy Cloud Works

Huckabuy Cloud is a software service leveraging Google’s
dynamic rendering initiative.

  • Each page is converted into flat HTML
  • World-class structured data markup is added
  • Content is hosted in caching layers for easy, instantaneous access
  • Served at the edge for the fastest, most efficient crawling experience
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Benefits of Huckabuy Cloud

The perfect crawling experience that leads to organic channel growth.

  • Google loads pages faster
  • Google sees more content
  • Increases in pages indexed
  • Increases in ranking keywords, impressions, and clicks
  • Stress-free development operations
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Huckabuy Cloud Insights

We monitor key metrics through our SEO Analytics Dashboard that
report on Google’s relationship with your website.

  • Pages Crawled per Day
  • Kilobytes Downloaded per Day
  • Time Spent Downloading Pages
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Cloudflare Benefits

We have taken Huckabuy Cloud to the next level through our new integration with
Cloudflare – the world’s most advanced content delivery network (CDN).

  • A network of 200 servers worldwide for edge delivery of cached content.
  • Creates the fastest crawling and indexing experience for Search Bots.
  • The best and easiest way to integrate with Huckabuy software services.
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Origin Servers

How Does an Origin Server Work?

What is an Origin Server? An origin server is one or more web servers which handle requests from internet clients and respond with the requested content.

This is the primary source for a website's content, which is why it plays a pivotal role in serving and maintaining a healthy website.

This server is typically situated in one location, so any requests for the website's content require traffic to reach it, which increases latency and response times. For example, if your origin server is located in Portland, Oregon, users from Tokyo, Japan will have all of their requests for your website's content routed to Portland.

An origin server is able to expose itself to the internet via an IP address (i.e 123.456.78.9), which clients can then begin requesting content from. If you are updating your DNS to begin serving traffic from your origin server via a domain name, an A Record is used to map the hostname to the IP Address. An alternative to setting up your own origin server is using a hosting solution, such as the following:

  • Heroku
  • WPEngine
  • AWS

In this type of setup, instead of updating your DNS with an A record pointing at your origin server, you would create a CNAME record using the value provided by the hosting solution.

Proxy Servers

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a computer which operates as a gateway between a local network, such as a set of web servers, and the internet.

Proxy servers work by handling traffic from users or other servers and then forwarding the requests to a web server or even a set of web servers. When the web server responds, this content can often be cached by the proxy server, which will reduce subsequent response times for the same content, and reduce the amount of traffic the web server needs to handle.

Not only can a proxy server reduce response times via caching, they offer a number of additional benefits such as:

  • Increased Security
  • Faster Load Times
  • Load Balancing
  • Increased Privacy

There are a few different types of proxy servers, with different benefits and use-cases, which are detailed below.

Reverse Proxy Server
A reverse proxy server is one type of proxy servers, which will sit in front of one or more web servers. A few benefits with this type of setup are privacy, reduced response time and load-balancing. In regards to privacy, with a reverse proxy server, end users will never connect directly with the origin web servers, so they will not become informed of their addresses.

Another benefit is load balancing, since the proxy server can distribute web traffic amongst the available web servers, so a single web server will not become overloaded.

Finally, since a proxy server can often cache content for an extended period of time, which it is then able to use for subsequent requests, a proxy server can help reduce response time for end users requesting the same content, such as an image or javascript file.

Forward Proxy Server
A forward proxy server is one which sits in front of a set of client machines and will intercept requests made by these machines and acts as the middleman, making the requests on their behalf. This setup is common in public areas such as schools or libraries. One of the benefits of this setup is the system admins are able to control what type of content the client machines are able to request. It can also increase privacy, since in this setup, oftentimes, the end web servers never connect directly with the client machines and instead only connect to the proxy server.

Huckabuy Cloud: Standard, Premium, and API Integrations

Huckabuy offers multiple options for integrating with our Huckabuy Cloud product. The difference between the variations is the amount of pages a site has, and if the site already has a Cloudflare account.


The Standard version is suitable for all websites that utilize a non-root domain and don't already have a Cloudflare account (any paid version). This level of integration will allow for up to 500,000 webpages and does not have PageSpeed Setting features. It will require the addition of only one CNAME record.


A Premium integration must be used for root domains, but it may also be used for non-root domains. This level of integration will allow for up to 1 million webpages and isolated data. A non-root domain will utilize this version if PageSpeed Settings is a desired feature. This integration will require a new CNAME record.


The API version must be used for domains that already have a Cloudflare account (any paid version). The features include PageSpeed Settings, customer's direct access to their Cloudflare account, up to 10 million pages, and the option to only optimize a subset of URLs on Huckabuy Cloud. The integration requires a Cloudflare Global API Token for setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Huckabuy Cloud?

Huckabuy’s Huckabuy Cloud is a software service that leverages all of Google’s technical initiatives to help websites with lots of dynamic content generate more organic search traffic. With Huckabuy Cloud, you get the same experience loading a website no matter where you are in the world.

What is dynamic rendering and why is it important for SEO?

Dynamic rendering is the process of converting complicated web pages into flat HTML with a structured data packet and pages stored in a caching layer at the top of a page so they are instantly accessible for Search Bots.

Simultaneously, the user-facing content and website remain unaffected. Dynamic rendering is important for SEO because it queues up the optimal crawling experience for Search Bots.

When Search Bots can crawl faster and understand your site easier, you will do better in the organic search channel.

Why should Javascript be optimized for Google?

Google is struggling to keep up with an ever-changing, complex internet. Front-end website development is constantly advancing to create a better experience for the human visitor, all while making things more difficult for Search Bots.

Complex coding languages such as Javascript create numerous issues for Search Bots. When complex webpages take too long to crawl, this can lead to partially indexed sites that aren’t sufficiently understood by Google, resulting in missed opportunities to harness valuable organic search traffic.

How does Huckabuy Cloud work?

Huckabuy’s Huckabuy Cloud converts pages into flat HTML, adds structured data markup, hosts content in caching layers for easy, instant access, and serves it all at the edge for fast delivery and the best crawling experience for search engines.

What robots does Huckabuy talk to?

Huckabuy is created primarily for optimizing conversations with Google, however we also respond to: Microsoft, Yandex, Baidu, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, and Slack. Also be aware, if you're using a WAF configuration on edge, like CloudFlare's, those mechanisms will occur before the requests interact with Huckabuy. For example, if your WAF blocks Pinterest, Huckabuy will never have a chance to interact with those requests.

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